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I started Animal Evalution from the ground up, starting with a Facebook page and dedicating myself to its growth. I take pride in collaborating with not just major production firms but also small charity-run organizations that may not have the resources for a big talent agency. Every dog in my care is cherished, trained, and looked after by their own families and me, making them all a treasured part of my extended family.


In 2010, my journey with animals began through volunteering. Initially, I assisted companies in training animals for roles in film and television. This hands-on experience allowed me to gain valuable skills, eventually leading to a paid position with a similar company. Following that I secured a job at Alton Towers working with the farm animals. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about many different types of animal, both wild and domesticated. I then went on to a job at a kennels which gave me a strong insight into how animal care companies run on a day-to-day basis. With this understanding I began pet sitting and spent six months learning the in-depth methods and skills needed to train dogs. This included training for family pets through to protection and security dogs, as well as sniffer dogs and medical help dogs.


I have been performing for my entire life as an actor, gaining experience in as many environments as possible, both on stage and off, all of which I channel into my dog training. Having a first hand experience of what happens on stage and on camera means I can ensure my dogs are happy, comfortable and trained positively to perform what is needed from them.

With this knowledge, each dog is specifically trained and conditioned to perform on stage. They have been safely introduced to a variety of different experiences that they would be required to be comfortable with when on stage, such as loud noises, bright lights, pyrotechnics, sets and costumes.

When i am not training dogs, i perform with my local theatre group. over the last few years, I have been able to combine both my passions - dog training and acting - and on occasion, performed alongside my dogs on stage.

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